IJALP Vol 25

International Journal of Asian Language Processing

Volume 25 Number 1, 2015

Handling of Out-of-vocabulary Words in Japanese-English Machine Translation by Exploiting Parallel Corpus, Juan Luo and Yves Lepage, 1 (PDF File)

Context-dependent Phone Mapping for Acoustic Modeling of Under-resourced Languages, Van Hai Do, Xiong Xiao, Eng Siong Chng and Haizhou Li ,  21 (PDF File)

Classifying Blog Posts with Tag Propagation, Bingquan Liu, Baoxun Wang, Zhen Xu, Xiaolong Wang, Peng Li , 35 (PDF File)

Temporal Relations in the V1 zhe V2 Construction in Mandarin Chinese, Jiun-Shiung Wu, Liang-Ting Juan and Jenny Yi-Chun Kuo, 47 (PDF File)

Volume 25 Number 2, 2015

Acoustic Correlates of Listener-Identified Boundaries and Prominences in Spontaneous Vietnamese Speech, Anh-Thu T. Nguyen, 67 (PDF File)

Vowel Reduction in Conversational Speech in Vietnamese, Anh-Thu T. Nguyen,  91 (PDF File)

Summarizing Microblogging Users with Existing Well-defined Hashtags, Shuangyong Song, Yao Meng, Zhongguang Zheng, 111 (PDF File)

A Structural Query System for Han Characters, Matthew Skala, 127 (PDF File)