IJALP Vol 10

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 10, 2000

00001 Tree-Bank and Fragment-Bank Construction in Data-Oriented English-Chinese Machine Translation System, Yuejie Zhang, Jingbo Zhu, Tianshun Yao.

00002 On Chinese parsing without using a separate word segmenter, Wei Li.

00003 Chinese Serial Verb Constructions with Experiential Aspect Marker – Syntactic Representations and Semantic Interpretations, Alice Yin Wa Chan.

00004 The Interaction of the Grammatical Features ‘Question’ and ‘Focus’in Sentences, Jie Xu.

00005 The comprehensive Chinese language knowledge base and its applications in the teaching of Chinese language, Yu Shiwen, Duan Huiming, Zhu Xuefeng.

00006 Chinese parsing with a word-sense-based LPCFG, Guohong Fu, Xiaolong Wang.

00007 Word error rate reduction by bottom-up tone integration to Chinese continuous speech recognition system, Ying Jia, Yonghong Yan, Baosheng Yuan, Jian Liu.

00008 Single-triphone-tree based token propagation search algorithm for LVCSR, Qingwei Zhao, Zhiwei Lin, Baosheng Yuan, Jielin Pan and Yonghong Yan.

00009 Semi-class n-gram language modeling for Chinese dictation, Min Zhang, Engsiong Chng, Haizhou Li.