IJALP Vol 31

International Journal of Asian Language Processing


Starting from Volume 30, the IJALP journal is jointly published by COLIPS and World Scientific Publishing (WSP).

Volume 31 Number 1

  • Joint Embedding of Words and Labels for Sentiment Classification
    Yingwei Sheng and Inui Takashi
  • A Cross-Lingual Speech Synthesis System of Malay and Indonesian Based on HMM–DNN
    Feng Chen, Jian Yang and Lixuan Zhao
  • Reading Process of Arab Children: An Eye-Tracking Study on Saudi Elementary Students
    Khaloud Al-Khalefah and Hend S. Al-Khalifa
  • A Study of the Vowel Context Effect on Initial Stops of Mandarin Produced by Native and Nonnative Speakers
    Dan Du and Jinsong Zhang
  • DSC_NEXT: Document-Level Sentiment ClassificatioN with EXTensional-Information
    Pengyuan Liu, Chenghao Zhu and Yi Wu

Volume 31 Number 2

  • Multi-Script Text Detection from Image Using FRCNN
    Mukesh M Goswami, Nidhi J Dadiya, Suman Mitra and Tanvi Goswami
  • Is the Language Change Gradual or Abrupt?
    Yan Li
  • A New Word Mining Method Based on Fast-text Model
    Luozheng Li, Peipei Song, Dan Zhang and Dongyan Zhao
  • An Overview of Metaphor Computation
    Kairui Huo, Bin Li, Yuanyuan Xie, Minxuan Feng and Weiguang Qu
  • Semantic Similarity of Inverse Morpheme Words Based on Word Embedding
    Jiaomei Zhou and Zhiying Liu

Volume 31 Numbers 3&4

  • Trans-CNN: A Sentiment Analysis Model which Focuses on Key Information of Sentence
    Jianlong Li, Yangsen Zhang, Gaijuan Huang and Jiang Miao
  • Cross-Lingual Embeddings Using a Temporally Aligned Comparable Corpus: A Case Study For Manipuri–English
    Lenin Laitonjam and Sanasam Ranbir Singh
  • TriECCC: Trilingual Corpus of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia for Speech Recognition and Translation Studies
    Kak Soky, Masato Mimura, Tatsuya Kawahara, Chenhui Chu, Sheng Li, Chenchen Ding and Sethserey Sam
  • Syntactic Information and Multiple Semantic Segments for Aspect-Based Sentiment Classification
    Yuxiang Jia, Yadong Wang, Hongying Zan and Qi Xie
  • Keyword Search Based on Unsupervised Pre-Trained Acoustic Models
    Xiner Li, Jing Zhao, Wei-Qiang Zhang, Zhiqiang Lv and Shen Huang
  • Ancient Tibetan Word Segmentation: Dataset and Methods
    Bo An and Congjun Long