IJALP Vol 30

International Journal of Asian Language Processing


Starting from Volume 30, the IJALP journal is jointly published by COLIPS and World Scientific Publishing (WSP).

Volume 30 Number 1

  • Extremely Low-Resource Text Simplification with Pre-trained Transformer Language Model, Takumi Maruyama and Kazuhide Yamamoto
  • Estimating Machine Translation Quality of Any Input Sentence, Taichi Aida and Kazuhide Yamamoto
  • Effects of English Capitals on Reading Performance of Chinese Learners: Evidence from Eye Tracking, Wei Yang and Xinyu Fu
  • A Study on the Robustness of Pitch-Range Estimation from Brief Speech Segments, Wenjie Peng, Kaiqi Fu, Wei Zhang, Yanlu Xie and Jinsong Zhang
  • Comprehension Correlates of the Occurrence and Deletion of β€œde” in Mandarin β€œN1 (de) N2” Structures, Junyuan Zhao and Junru Wu

Volume 30 Number 2

  • An End-to-End Model Based on Multiple Neural Networks with Data Augmentation for Keyword Spotting, Shuzhou Chai, Changsheng Lv, Zhenye Yang and Wei-Qiang Zhang
  • Effect of Music Training on the Production of English Lexical Stress by Chinese English Learners, Hui Feng, Jie Lian and Yingjie Zhao
  • Lexical Simplification by Unsupervised Machine Translation, Akihiro Katsuta, Kazuhide Yamamoto
  • Improved Speech Command Classi cation System for Sinhala Language based on Automatic Speech Recognition, Lakshika Kavmini, Thilini Dinushuka, Uthayasanker Thayasivam, Sanath Jayasena
  • A Hybrid Recommender System for Rating Prediction of Arabic Reviews, Fouzi Harrag, Abdulmalik Salman Al-Salman, Alaa Alquahtani

Volume 30 Number 3

  • Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation on Polysemy with Neural Network Models:A Case Study of BUN in Taiwan Hakka, Huei-Ling Lai, Hsiao-Ling Hsu, Jyi-Shane Liu, Chia-Hung Lin and Yanhong Chen
  • Semi-supervised Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis for Case-Related Microblog Reviews Using Case Knowledge Graph Embedding, Peilian Zhao, Cunli Mao and Zhengtao Yu
  • Qillah: A Morphological Extension for Identifying Plural of Paucity Arabic Words, Ahlam Fuad, Amany bin Gahman , Rasha Alenezy , Wed Ateeq and Hend Al-Khalifa
  • Learning Japanese-English Bilingual Word Embeddings by Using Language Speci city, Yuting Song, Biligsaikhan Batjargal and Akira Maeda
  • Developing MCQA Framework for Basic Science Subjects using Distributed Similarity Model and Classifi cation based Approaches, Sandip Sarkar, Dipankar Das, Partha Pakray and David Eduardo Pinto Avendano

Volume 30 Number 4

  • Sentiment Analysis Technologies in AliMe – An Intelligent Assistant for E-commerce, Shuangyong Song, Chao Wang, Siyang Liu, Haiqing Chen, Huan Chen and Hongyun Bao
  • Analyzing Subword Techniques to improve English to Sinhala Neural Machine Translation, Rashmini Naranpanawa, Ravinga Perera, Thilakshi Fonseka and Uthayasanker Thayasivam
  • Speaker Identi cation and Its Application to Social Network Construction for Chinese Novels, Yuxiang Jia, Huayi Dou, Shuai Cao and Hongying Zan
  • Development and Application of Leader Identification Model Using Multimodal Information in Multi-party Conversations, Tsukasa Shiota, Kouki Honda, Kazutaka Shimada and Takeshi Saitoh
  • Text classification of Gujarati Newspaper Headlines, Stuti Mehta and Suman K Mitra