IJALP Vol 26

International Journal of Asian Language Processing

Volume 26 Number 1, 2016

Sentiment Classification of Chinese Grammatical Constructions, Sisi Huang and Weidong Zhan1 (PDF File)

Corpus-based Analysis of “V” in Structure “[jin4xing2]+V” in Modern Chinese, Yujie Liu, Pengyuan Liu ,  21 (PDF File)

A study on “youdian+X” construction, Yayun Sun, Lulu Chen,  Pengyuan Liu, Yujie Liu41 (PDF File)

A Corpus-based Study on the Semantic Features of “XiaLai” and “XiaQu” in Mandarin Chinese, Yuncui Zhang and  Pengyuan Liu, 53 (PDF File)

Volume 26 Number 2, 2016

PerSum: Novel Systems for Document Summarization in Persian, Saeid Parvandeh, Shibamouli Lahiri, Fahimeh Boroumand , 67 (PDF File)

Topic-level Graph Modeling of Microblogging Information Diffusion for Detecting Topical Keyphrases, Shuangyong Song, Yao Meng, Qiudan Li and Haiqing Chen, 109 (PDF File)

Information Retrieval Oriented Mongolian Homograph Pronunciation Recognition, S. Loglo and Sarula, 127 (PDF File)