IJALP Vol 23

International Journal of Asian Language Processing

Volume 23 Number 1, 2013

The expression of stance in Mandarin Chinese: A corpus-based study of stance adverbs, Haiyang Ai  1 (PDF File)

Word Boundary Information and Chinese Word Segmentation, Gaoqi Rao, Endong Xun  15 (PDF File)

Exploiting entity-level morphology to Chinese nested named entity recognition, Chunyuan Fu, Yanqing Zhao, Guohong Fu 33 (PDF File)

Volume 23 Number 2, 2013

Categorical Perception of Lexical Tone in 6 to 8-year-old Monolingual and Bilingual ChildrenJie Yang, Chang Liu 49 (PDF File)

F1 and F2 Correlation with F0: A Study of Vowels of Hindi, Punjabi, Korean and Thai, Vaishna Narang, Deepshikha Misra, Ritu Yadav 63 (PDF File)

Improving Chinese Dependency Parsing with Auto-extracted Dependency Triples, Likun Qiu, Lei Wu, Kai Zhao, Changjian Hu 75 (PDF File)