IJALP Vol 20

International Journal of Asian Language Processing

Volume 20 Number 1, 2010

An Incremental Three-pass System Combination Framework by Combining Multiple Hypothesis Alignment Methods, Jinhua Du, Andy Way 1 (PDF File)

A Study of Corpus Development for Persian, Masood Ghayoomi, Saeedeh Momtazi, Mahmood Bijankhan 17 (PDF File)

Feature Integration and Dimension Reduction in Unit Selection TTS, Ling Cen, Minghui Dong, Paul Chan, Haizhou Li  35 (PDF File)

Volume 20 Number 2, 2010

Identification of Closely-Related Indigenous Languages: An Orthographic Approach, Ng Ee-Lee, Beatrice Chin, Alvin W. Yeo, Bali Ranaivo-Malançon 43 (PDF File)

Corpus-based Extraction of Chinese Historical Term Translation Equivalents, Xiuying Li, Chao Che, Xiaoxia Liu, Hongfei Lin, Rongpei Wang 63 (PDF File)

A Web Site Classification Approach Based On Its Topological Structure, Ji-bin ZhangZhi-ming XuKun-li XiuQi-shu Pan 75 (PDF File)

Volume 20 Number 3, 2010

Towards a Pictorially Grounded Language for Machine-Aided Translation, Samir Kr. Borgohain1, Shivashankar B. Nair 87 (PDF File)

A Novel Method for the N-best Generation of Phrased-Based SMT, Shui Liu, Sheng Li, Tiejun Zhao 111 (PDF File)

Acoustic Space, Duration and Formant Patterns in vowels of Bangkok Thai, Vaishna Narang, Deepshikha Misra  123 (PDF File)

Volume 20 Number 4, 2010

Beyond Selectional Preference: Metaphor Recognition with Semantic Relation Patterns, Xuri Tang, Weiguang Qu, Xiaohe Chen and Shiwen Yu  141 (PDF File)

Chinese Volitive Words Mining, Jian-feng Zhang, Yu Hong, Bin Ma, Jian-min Yao, Qiao-ming Zhu  157 (PDF File)

Evaluating the Quality of Web-Mined Bilingual Sentence Pairs, Xiaohua Liu, Ming Zhou  171 (PDF File)