IJALP Vol 19

International Journal of Asian Language Processing

Volume 19 Number 1, 2009

A new query expansion method based on query logs mining, Zhu Kunpeng, Wang Xiaolong, Liu Yuanchao 1 (PDF File)

Incremental Novelty Learning in Adaptive Topic Tracking, Yu Hong, Yu Zhang, Ting Liu, Sheng Li 13 (PDF File)

Rule Based Analysis of the Uyghur Nouns, Murat Orhun, A.Cüneyd Tantuğ, Eşref Adalı 33 (PDF File)

Volume 19 Number 2, 2009

Readability Consideration in Speech Synthesis Recording Script Selection, Minghui Dong, Ling Cen, Paul Chan, Haizhou Li 45 (PDF File)

Chinese Word Segmentation Based on Large Margin Methods, Buzhou Tang, Xuan Wang, Xiaohong Wang 55 (PDF File)

A Uyghur Morpheme Analysis Method based on Conditional Random Fields, Batuer Aisha, Maosong Sun 69 (PDF File)

Volume 19 Number 3, 2009

Speaker Characterization using Average Filtering and Two Space Fusions, Chien-Lin Huang, Haizhou Li, Bin Ma 85 (PDF File)

A new question analysis approach for community question answering system, Shixi Fan, Xuan Wang, Xiaolong Wang, Yaoyun Zhang 95 (PDF File)

A Feature-rich Supervised Word Alignment Model for Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation, Chooi-Ling Goh, Eiichiro Sumita 109 (PDF File)

Volume 19 Number 4, 2009

An acoustic comparison of vowel length contrasts in Arabic, Japanese and Thai: Durational and spectral data, Kimiko Tsukada 127 (PDF File)

Analysis and Selection of Prosodic Features for Asian Language Recognition, Raymond W.M. Ng, Tan Lee, Cheung-Chi Leung, Bin Ma, Haizhou Li 139 (PDF File)

Repetition in Social Interaction: A Case Study on Mandarin Conversations, Fuhui Hsieh  153 (PDF File)