IJALP Vol 18

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 18 Number 1, 2008

Collocation and Trillocation, Shaokang Qin, Hui Wang 1(PDF File)

Chinese Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Lexical Semantic Ontology, Li Li, Qiang Zhou 13 (PDF File)

Two Types of Pre-Verbal Anaphors in Chinese, Jie Xu 25 (PDF File)

On the Applicability of Zipf’s Law in Chinese Word Frequency Distribution, Hang Xiao 33 (PDF File)

Volume 18 Number 2, 2008

Three Sensitive Positions and Chinese Complex Sentences: A Comparative Perspective, Ying Li 47 (PDF File)

The Senses of LUO in Internet Text, Quan Zhang, Yi Yuan, Xiangfeng Wei, Jianming Miao 61 (PDF File)

Evaluation of the Matrix Language Hypothesis: Evidence from Chinese-English Code-switching Phenomena in Blogs, Yu Liu 75 (PDF File)

Volume 18 Number 3, 2008

Document relevance calculation based on Lexical cohesion with structure analysis, Zhao Yuming, Liu Bingquan, Wang Xiaolong 93 (PDF File)

Mandarin emotion verbs: a frame-based analysis, Meichun Liu, Shihmei Hong 107 (PDF File)

The Pragmatic Construction of Word Meaning in Utterances, Dandi Li 121 (PDF File)

Volume 18 Number 4, 2008

A Novel Heuristic Error-Driven Learning for Recognizing Chinese Time Expression, He Ruifang, Qin Bing, Liu Ting, Pan Yuequn, Li Sheng 139 (PDF File)

Antonyms? Presuppositions? On the Semantics of Two Evaluative Modals Jingran and Guoran in Mandarin, WU Jiun-Shiung 161 (PDF File)

Perception of Mandarin Tones by Mandarin and English Listeners, Xianghua Wu, Hua Lin 175 (PDF File)