IJALP Vol 17

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 17 Number 1, 2007

Web Translation Mining Based on Suffix Arrays, Gaolin Fang, Hao Yu, P 1. (PDF file)

The Effectiveness Study of Local Maximum Feature for Chinese Unknown Word Identification, Tao Liu, Bing-Quan Liu, Xiao-Long Wang, Ming-Hui Li, P 15. (PDF file)

An Improved Model of Dotplotting for Text Segmentation, Na Ye, Na Ye, Jingbo Zhu, Huizhen Wang, Matthew Y. Ma, Bin Zhang, P 27. (PDF file)

Zero Anaphora Resolution in Chinese with Shallow Parsing, Ching-Long Yeh, Yi-Chun Chen, 41. (PDF file)

Chinese Unknown Word Identification as Known Word Tagging, Zhaoyun Wang, Guohong Fu, 57. (PDF file)

Volume 17 Number 2, 2007

From etymology to modern phraseology: A corpus-based study of structural variants of Chinese idioms in naturally-occurring contexts, Meng Ji, P 67. (PDF file)

Topic Identification in Chinese Discourse Based on Centering Model, Yi-Chun Chen and Ching- Long Yeh, P 83. (PDF file)

Decision Tree based Duration Prediction in Mandarin TTS System, Qing Guo, Nobuyuki Katae, Hao Yu, Hitoshi Iwamida, P 97. (PDF file)

The Totality of Chinese Characters – A Digital Perspective, Shouhui Zhao, Dongbo Zhang, P 107. (PDF file)

Volume 17 Number 3, 2007

Mandarin Rhythm: An Acoustic Study, Hua Lin and Qian Wang, P 127. (PDF file)

Discourse functions of the Evaluative Enhanced Theme Construction, Yong Wang, P 141. (PDF file)

An Inquiry into Existential Constructions, Guangjun Yang and Qilin Tian, P 159. (PDF file)

A Chinese Word Segmentation System for Information Processing of Complex Sentences,
Shuangyun Yao and Dongtao Yu, P 179. (PDF file)

Volume 17 Number 4, 2007

Causativity Expression and Cross-linguistic Variation of Resultative Constructions, Changyin Zhou, P 189. (PDF file)

Tree Kernel-based Relation Extraction with Various Entity-Related Features, Longhua Qian, Guodong Zhou, Qiaomin Zhu, Peide Qian, P 211. (PDF file)

Evaluating Prosody of Mandarin Speech for Language Learning, Minghui Dong, Haizhou Li, Tin Lay Nwe, P 219. (PDF file)

Intra-document Coreference Resolution: The state of the art, Jun Lang, Bing Qin, Ting Liu, Sheng Li, P 227. (PDF file)

Tree Mapping Template for Prosodic Phrase Bound-ary Predication, Xun Endong, Li Cheng, P 255. (PDF file)