IJALP Vol 16

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 16 Number 1, 2006

The Nature of Null Objects in Chinese, Jie Xu, 1 (Word File)

Working without Syntax: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Chinese language , Jianqi Wang, 17 (Word File)

Spoken and Written Narratives: A Comparative Study, Ming-Ming Pu, 37 (Word File)

Defining the So-Called ‘Core Vocabulary’ – A Case Study of Chinese Textbooks, Song Jiang , 63 (Word File)

Volume 16 Number 2, 2006

Two Types of Topic-only Questions in Chinese, Hua Gao, 73 (Word File)

Lexicon as a Generating System: Restating the Case of Complex Word Formation in Chinese, Yuanjian He, 99 (Word File)

Mandarin Neutral Tone as a Phonologically Low Tone, Hua Lin, 121 (Word File)

Volume 16 Number 3, 2006

A Unit Selection-based Speech Synthesis Approach for Mandarin Chinese,Minghui Dong, Kim-Teng Lua, Haizhou Li, 135 (Word File)

Exploring efficient feature inference and compensation in text classification,Qiang Wang, Yi Guan, Xiaolong Wang, 145 (Word File)

An unsupervised framework for robust web-based Information Extraction, Qiaoming Zhu, Zhengxian Gong, Peifeng Li, Guodong Zhou, 157 (Word File)

Research on IE-Driven Machine Translation, Yongzeng Xue, Sheng Li, Muyun Yang and Tiejun Zhao, 169 (Word File)

Volume 16 Number 4, 2006

Machine Learning-based Methods to Chinese Unknown Word Detection and POS Tag Guessing, Chooi-Ling Goh, Masayuki Asahara and Yuji Matsumoto, 185 (Word File)

Building a Dependency Treebank for Improving Chinese Parser, Ting Liu, Jinshan Ma and Sheng Li, 207 (Word File)

A New Dictionary-based Word Alignment Algorithm, Zhiming Xu, Jonathan J. Webster and Chunyu Kit, 225 (Word File)

A Quantitative Analysis on the Chinese Characters in Singapore Textbook Corpus , Hui Wang, 239 (Word File)