IJALP Vol 13

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 13, 2003

03001 A Comparative Study of A Mandarin Module: Web-based Learning Versus Conventional Instruction, Bing Hiong Ngu, Jing Jing Kee.

03002 The Research of the Pattern “High, low/short+Noun”, Ze-Xiang Chu.

03003 Is syntax really phonology-free, Shengli Feng.

03004 Building the Big Platform of China Character Set, Yu-ming Li

03005 On Adverb’s Pragmatic Classification, Yiming Yang.

03006 The Development of Knowledge-base of Generalized Functional Words of Contemporary Chinese, Shiwen Yu, Xuefeng Zhu, Yun Liu.

03007 Complementary and Mutually Exclusive Devices in Interrogative Formation, Jie Xu.

03008 Outline of the Language Knowledge-bases, Shiwen Yu.

03009 Specification for Corpus Processing at Peking University: Word Segmentation, POS Tagging and Phonetic Notation, Shiwen Yu, Huiming Duan, Bin Swen, Baobao Chang.

03010 The Specification of The Semantic Knowledge-base of Contemporary Chinese, Hui Wang, Weidong Zhan, Shiwen Yu.

03011 The specification of the Chinese Concept Dictionary, Jiangsheng Yu, Yang Liu, Shiwen Yu.

03012 The Markup Guidelines for the Chinese-English Parallel Corpus of Peking University, Baobao Chang, Xiaojing Bai.

03013 Specification for the Phrase Structure Knowledge-base of Contemporary Chinese, Shiwen Yu.

03014 A Synchronous Corpus-Based Study of Verb-Noun Fluidity in Chinese, Oi Yee Kwong, Benjamin K. Tsou.

03015 A statistical method of Extracting Chinese Multi-Word Units, Tingting He, Jianzhou LIU, Donghong Ji.

03016 An integrated approach for Chinese word segmentation, Guohong Fu, K.K. Luke.

03017 The Floating of Negative Factors and the Recognition of Semantic Patterns of HUAIYI Sentences in Mandarin, Xiao Guozheng, Guo Tingting.

03018 An Uyghur Syntax Parser, Yusup Ebedulla.

03019 Progress In System Design of Contemporary Uyghur Corpus, Yusup Ebedulla.

03020 Virtual Linked Lexical Knowledge Base for Causality Reasoning, Key-Sun choi.

03021 A Large Lexical Semantic Knowledge base of Chinese, Wang Hui, Yu Shiwen.

03022 The semantics of shapes:A study based on Mandarin quan1zi5 (圈子), Cui-Xia Weng, Chu-Ren Huang.

03023 The Study of Vector-based Algorithms for Chinese Text Classification, Tingting He, Changri Luo.