IJALP Vol 09

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 9, 1999

99001 Algorithm to determine the subject in flexible word order language based machine translations: a case study for Sinhalese, Susantha Herath, Ajantha Herath.

99002 On Rule Extraction from Translation Examples in Japanese-Chinese Machine Translation, Fuji Ren, Jian-Yun Nie, Lixin Fan.

99003 A multi-level linguistic approach to disambiguation of Japanese connective endings, Namwon Heo, Yujin Chung, Kyonghi Moon, Jong-Hyeok Lee and Geunbae Lee.

99004 Resolving the noun sense ambiguity of Korean based on concept co-occurrence information, Namwon Heo, Hui-Feng Li, Kyonghi Moon, Jong-Hyeok Lee and Geunbae Lee.

99005 An Interactive Hypertextual Environment for MT Development, Etienne BLANC.

99006 Super-function based machine translation, Fuji Ren.

99007 Word-Sense Classification by Hierarchial Clustering, Ken Y.K. Lau, Robert W.P. Luk.

99008 The ProcessingTactics based on HNC for Delimitation of Chinese Sentences, Wang Hou-feng.

99009 Chinese OCR Using GA and Extension Matrix Algorithms, Daming Shi, Steve R. Gunn, Robert I. Damper, Wenhao Shu.

99010 Hamming Clustering for Constructing Knowledge Base in Chinese Automatic Categorizing, Qian Diao, Yongcheng Wang, Huihui Zhang, Ji He.

99011 Apery Neural Network Algorithm of Chinese Information Auto-Classification, Qian Diao, Yongcheng Wang.