IJALP Vol 06

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 6 Number 1, 1996


P96001 A Survey on Chinese Speech Recognition Stephen W. K. Fu, C. H. Lee, Orville L. Clubb 1-17

P96002 Statistical Method And Application Of Co-occurrence Probabilities Between Chinese Characters Ying Xia, Xin-gong Chang, Shao-ping Ma, Xiao-yan Zhu, Yi-jiang Jin 19-23

P96003 A Semantic Composition Model for Chinese Nouns and Adjectives Donghong Ji, Changning, Huang 25-33

P96004 Fudan Abstract System of Chinese Text Li-de Wu, Xiong-guan Wei, Xuan-jing Huang, Dan-jin Ye, Xiang Ji, Wen-xin Wang 35-39

Research Reports

R96001 Coded Chaozhou Pronunciations of Chinese Characters Liang Chye Teo 41

R96002 Word Segmented and POS Tagged 12 Volumes of Singapore Chinese Primary School Text Shiwen Yu, Qiang Zhou, Wei Zhang, Yunyun Zhang, Weidong Zhan, Baobao Chang and Zhifang Sui. 41

R96003 Chinese Information Processing in Yunnan, China Zaiyun Zhang 42-47


N96001 COLIPS LECTURE SERIES – Chinese Natural Language Processing Zhiwei Feng 48

Volume 6 Number 2, 1996


P96005 A Study of the Application of the Chinese Morphemes Chunfa Yuan and Changning Huang 55-59

P96006 A Case Study on Context-Centered Lexicon Construction Jin Guo 61July 1, 2006 Compounds in Mandarin VN Constructions Keh-Jiann Chen, Wei-Mei Hong 73-79

P96008 Analysis of Error Count Distributions for Improving the Postprocessing Performance of OCCR Yue-Shi Lee and Hsin-Hsi Chen 81-86

P96009 Automatic Word Segmentation of Chinese Texts Based on Variable Distance Method Jun Gao and Xixian Chen 87-96

P96010 Text-Independent Speaker Identification Based on Small Training Data and Fast Search Algorithms Chung-Hsien Wu and Jau-Hung Chen 95-104