IJALP Vol 05

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 5 Number 1 and 2, 1995

P95001 A Study on Corpus-Based Classification on Chinese Words, Chao-Huang Chang and Cheng-Der Chen

P95002 Planar Pattern Matching Algorithm and Its Application To Handwritten Chinese Character Recgnition, Fang-Hsuan Cheng

P95003 On-line Chinese Character Recognition System S Kwong, K. F. Man and L. Lai

P95004 The HANZIX Open System, Siu Chi Hsu, Kin Hong Lee, Chin Lu, Man Fai Wong Wing Shing Wong

P95005 Using Multiple Huffman Trees for Compressing Chinese Character Fonts, S. Kwong, K.F. Man and S.H. Tong

P95006 Unknown Word Detection and Segmentation of Chinese using Statistical and heuristic Knowledge, Jian-Yun Nie , Marie-Louise Hannan and Wanying Jin

P95007 Lexical Classification of Chinese for NLP, Gang Zhao

P95008 Speaker-Independent Speech Recognition Based on Normal Distribution Supposition , Ditang Fang, Hua Yu, Shuqing Li

P95009 Handprinted Chinese Character Recognition System (HCCR), Gu Xiaofeng, Bai Minzhu, Li Baorong and Lin Jie

P95010 Building tools and resources as Chinese CALLware, G. K. Yeo

C95001 The Development of Contemporary Chinese Grammatical Knowledge Base and its Applications, ZHU Xuefeng, YU Shiwen and WANG Hui

R95001 Tagged Singapore Chinese Primary School Text, Yu Shiwen, Zhou Qiang, Zhang Wei, Zhang Yunyun, Zhan Weidong, Chang Baobao and Sui Zhifang.

N95001 An English-Chinese IT Glossary, Koh Chit Tng

N95002 A Minimum Entropy Approach for Chinese Text Compression, Lua Kim-Teng

N95003 Predication of Meaning of Bisyllabic Chinese Words Using Back Propagation Neural Network, Lua Kim-Teng