IJALP Vol 04

Journal of Chinese Language and Computing

An International Journal of
The Chinese & Oriental Languages Information Processing Society

Volume 4 Number 1, 1994

P94001 The Tai Ji Two-Stroke Chinese Input System, Dai Shun Tian

P94002 Encoding of Chinese Characters for Computer Entry – A Shape followed by Sound Approach, ChunLiang Chou

P94003 Liang’s Chinese Input System, Teo Liang Chye

P94004 New Vietnamese Input Method, Jin Sugano

P94005 Input Encoding and Keyboard Design for Tibetan, Sheng YiLuo, Lu Liu and Zhi Fang Zhang

P94006 The Tibetan Standardization for Information Processing, Cheng Xing Zhao, Ben Tan Sang, Bin Yang

P94007 Approaches to Handle User-Defined Chinese Characters, Pak-Keung Lai, Man-Chi Pong

P94008 The Structure of A generic Input Sub-System and Interface Standard for Open System Jian Wu, WenFeng Li and BoSong Tan

P94009 A New Approach For Chinese Character Input and the “Freedom” Input Approach ErGong He, XiShan Zeng and LiXin Wen

P94010 Conversion From Metafont Files To Truetype, Yaw-Jen Lin and Tzao-Lin Lee

P94011 Modification of X Window System Font Server to Support Chinese Outline Fonts, CK Chen and YS Moon

P94012 CTex Evolving into Scaleable Font Technology, TzaoLin Lee

P94013 A Chinese Font Generation System, Shao LeJun, Zhou Hao and Chang KimWah

Volume 4 Number 2, 1994

P94014 Chinese Word Semantic Association in Syntax Jiancheng, Wan, Ming Tang and Fang Wan

P94015 Identifying Chinese Names In Unrestricted Texts, Maosong Sun, Changning Huang, Haiyan Gao and Jie Fang

P94016 Construction of a Machine Tractable Dictionary from the Mordern Chinese Dictionary , Jin Zhang, Changning Huang and Erhong Yang

P94017 The Identification of Organization Names in Chinese Texts, Hsin-Hsi Chen and Jen-Chang Lee

P94018 A Pilot Study on Automatic Chinese Spelling Error Correction, Chao-Huang Chang

P94019 Phoneme-Based Speaker-Adapter Mandarin Syllable Recognition Using Segmental Bayesian Networks, Kuang-Fa and Chung-Hsien Wu