Fourth Dialog State Tracking Challenge
@ IWSDS2016

Example of Dialog Annotations

Sub-dialog Segment #1

Tourist: Can you give me some uh- tell me some cheap rate hotels, because I'm planning just to leave my bags there and go somewhere take some pictures.
Guide: Okay. I'm going to recommend firstly you want to have a backpack type of hotel, right?
Tourist: Yes. I'm just gonna bring my backpack and my buddy with me. So I'm kinda looking for a hotel that is not that expensive. Just gonna leave our things there and, you know, stay out the whole day.
Guide: Okay. Let me get you hm hm. So you don't mind if it's a bit uh not so roomy like hotel because you just back to sleep.
Tourist: Yes. Yes. As we just gonna put our things there and then go out to take some pictures.
Guide: Okay, um-
Tourist: Hm.

Annotations for Segment #1

{Topic: Accommodation; Type: Hostel; Pricerange: Cheap; GuideAct: ACK; TouristAct: REQ}

Sub-dialog Segment #2

Guide: Let's try this one, okay?
Tourist: Okay.
Guide: It's InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel in Singapore. If you take a dorm bed per person only twenty dollars. If you take a room, it's two single beds at fifty nine dollars.
Tourist: Um. Wow, that's good.
Guide: Yah, the prices are based on per person per bed or dorm. But this one is room. So it should be fifty nine for the two room. So you're actually paying about ten dollars more per person only.
Tourist: Oh okay. That's- the price is reasonable actually. It's good.

Annotations for Segment #2

{Topic: Accommodation; NAME: InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel; GuideAct: REC; TouristAct: ACK}