Stream A - Entrepreneurship Training

Summary: Great entrepreneurs make a product that other people want to buy – but most entrepreneurs fail to achieve this!

The class will be a two-hour session on practical design thinking preparatory to commercializing a technology business. In this workshop we will cover topics such as:

  • “’Is My Business Idea Good Enough?’ and Other Wrong Questions.”
  • “The Three Biggest Pitfalls of Starting Up a Technology Business and How to Avoid Them.”
  • “There is an “I” In Team -And You Need One (a Team that is)”

By the end of this session you will have learned new skills that improve your ability as an entrepreneur. 

Presenters: Kris Childress (in person) and Emily Chang (online)

Kris is the Mentor-in-Residence at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS’s) Enterprise Incubator as well as a Co-Lead of the teaching team for NUS’s Graduate Research Innovation Program (GRIP). Kris has a background in the commercialization of new technologies. He currently helps young companies, particularly early-stage teams with innovative technologies, to realize the commercial value of their technologies. 

Kris is a graduate of Davidson in the US with a degree in Biology and has worked with several early-stage US technology firms over nearly two decades as a business development lead.

Emily is the cofounder of Cruxes, a company that helps research organisations build research-industry innovation teams that develop local solutions to global problems. Emily has designed and delivered experiential learning and coaching programs to more than 600 Australian university researchers, in all disciplines, at more than 27 Australian universities. 

Prior to founding Cruxes, Emily worked at CSIRO in organisational psychology, as Lead Designer of the ON Accelerator Program and been the Director of Entrepreneurship at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.