Pitch Video Proposal Upload

Kindly take note that:

  • Your pitch proposals should clearly explain the value proposition of your startup including who your customers are and how your product satisfies their needs.
  • The hard deadline is 28 February 2022.

Please follow the instructions below to upload your video files:

  • Video specification: mp4 format,  file size<100MB, aspect ratio 16:9 preferred, minimum height 480 pixels, showing the presenter’s face in a small window.
  • Please name your video files in the following format, <Author Last Name>_<Author First Name>_<Keyword>.mp4 ( e.g. Smith_John_Speech_Coding.mp4 ).
  • If you would like to update your video, please upload a new file. The latest version of your uploaded file will be used.

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Contact Information:

Siqi Cai, NUS, Singapore, elesiqi@nus.edu.sg