Please visit the following registration system to register your attendance to SIGDIAL 2021 conference:
Registration System 

  • Early Registration Deadline: June 22, 2021
  • Late Registration Deadline: July 28, 2021 (SIGDIAL 2021 registration will close on 28 July 2021, 11:59 am (Local Time (UTC+8)). On-site registration for physical attendance is not allowed due to COVID-19 regulation.)

Each paper should be covered by at least one author registration to be presented in the conference. No-show papers will be removed from the proceedings. During the conference, there will be a live, public video feed for registered participants to view. You must register in order to participate in Q/A sessions and access our web conference management system.

Registration FeesEarly Registration (SGD)Late Registration (SGD)On-site (SGD)
Paper registration + Virtual attendance
Paper registration + Physical attendance (Regular)400.00—-—-
Paper registration + Physical attendance (Student)300.00—-—-
Physical attendance (Regular, no paper registration)200.00300.00400.00
Physical attendance (Student, no paper registration)100.00150.00200.00
Virtual attendance (no paper registration)80.00100.00150.00
Special session only (virtual attendance)30.0030.0030.00