Paper Submission

Submission Guidelines:

Please take note of the following when submitting papers:

  1. The deadline for paper submission is Jun 25, 2006.
  2. All submissions must be formatted in accordance with the standard Springer style sheets (You may download templates here. [LaTeX][Microsoft Word]). This is to facilitate the publication of the ISCSLP proceedings in Springer LNAI series. A sample PDF file is here for a quick reference. (Note that the Springer single column format is different from the ISCSLP submission format in the previous years. )
  3. Length of paper should be no more than 12 pages.
  4. For reviewing, please submit paper in PDF format.
  5. To submit paper to special sessions, please send to the special session chairs directly (not using the online submission system).

Online Submission has been closed.

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Eligibility for best student paper awards:

Student papers must meet the following requirements to be eligible for best student paper awards:

  1. The first author of the paper has to be a student when the paper was submitted (i.e., the first author is eligible for student registration);
  2. The paper is presented by the first author in ISCSLP-2006 conference.

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