Program at a Glance

Conference Format: Hybrid (10 Nov) and Virtual (11-13 Nov)

Program timing is arranged with consideration of presenter time regions (10th Asia, 11th Americas and 12th Europe).

Note: Each time slot lasts for 30 mins. A session that occupies 2 slots will be a 1-hour session.


Details of Keynote Talks

Session IDTitle
Keynote IOussama Khatib: The Era of Human-Robot Collaboration: Deep Sea Exploration
Keynote IIGiorgio Metta: Physical and Social Human-robot Interaction
Keynote IIINadia Thalmann: The modelling of social intelligence for humanoid robots

Details of Technical Sessions

All manuscripts will be available for download ahead of the conference.

For full papers: Videos of full-length presentations (15 mins) will be made available to participants ahead of the conference. During the live sessions, authors will be given 3 mins for spotlight presentation followed by 3 mins for Q&A. Authors will be invited to dedicated spaces in Gather.Town to interact with participants after each session.

For brief research reports: Videos of 5-min presentations will also be made available ahead of the conference. During the BRR poster session, authors will be provided with a booth in Gather.Town to interact with participants.

Session IDTitleChairs
We.1530.TSStereotypes and biases in HRIAgnieszka Wykowska, Giulia Perugia
We.1700.TSSocially intelligent robotsGiulio Sandini, Nidhi Mishra
We.1730.TSSocial context awarenessAlessandra Rossi, Ziggy O'Reilly
We.1800.TSIntuitive Interaction for human-robot collaborationDongkyu Choi, Nikhil Somani
Th.0800.TSSafe and ethical interactionTom Williams, FENGPEI YUAN
Th.0830.TSCommunication IYixiao Wang, Xinyuan Qian
Th.0900.TSRehabilitation and therapy IRyuji Yamazaki, Zhonghao Shi
Th.0930.TSTeleoperation and industrial applicationsHe Hongsheng, Ramanpreet Singh
Th.1000.TSPsychical HRISiqi Cai, Wenyu Liang
Fr.2100.TSCommunication IIAlireza Taheri, Silvia Rossi
Fr.2130.TSChildren robot interactionMaryam Alimardani, Pauline Chevalier
Fr.2200.TSSocial Perception of robotsMaria Carla Staffa, Serena Marchesi
Fr.2230.TSRehabilitation and therapy IIAlessandra Sciutti, Lucas Morillo

Details of Workshop Sessions

Session IDTitle
Th.1600.WSALTRUIST - sociAL roboTs for peRsonalized, continUous and adaptIve aSsisTance
Fr.0800.WSSocial AI for Human-Robot Interaction of Human-Care Robots
Fr.1400.WSRobots.FM: Symposium on Robotics for Facilities Management
Fr.1600.WSASIMOV Adaptive Social Interaction and MOVement for assistive and rehabilitation robotics
Sa.0800.WSSafe Human-Robot Interaction: Sensing, Modeling, and Learning