ICSR 2021 Robot Design Competition

The design and development of various kinds of robots, and their intelligence and behavior have been evolving continuously. The new era of robotics is witnessing the increasing release of new innovative robots with a diverse set of applications. Especially, the past couple of years have provided more recognition to robots and their importance in various domains of life. 

How can social robots be part of our life, enrich our life experience, assist, serve and entertain us? Where is the new generation of these social robots heading? What are the innovative societal applications? What impact are they capable of making? What are the key enabling technologies that are being improved? How do we see greater involvement of such friendly and social robots in education, healthcare, and various other sectors? 

An equally prominent question of how social robots can support us during and after pandemics? How can they help in ensuring that physical distancing is not leading to social distancing and even social isolation and loneliness? 

If you have a solid idea/working prototype, send your entries to the flagship ICSR 2021 Robot Design Competition. Irrespective of your background or experience, this competition is a great way to present your work to an international multidisciplinary R&D community as well as representatives from robotics and AI companies, and get their valuable feedback, and above all get recognized. We also encourage cross-disciplinary experts/teams to bring some impactful solutions for the betterment of society.


This year, cash prizes and certificates will be awarded in the following categories:

      • Innovation in software, applications and interaction modalities
      • Innovation in hardware, design and interfaces
      • Covid 19 innovative response (this is a special category, depending upon the kind and number of entries)

All the submissions will be considered for both the categories. For the entries to Covid 19 innovative response category, authors are required to indicate in their entry the relevance with this category.

Finalist entries

  • ICSR21_BQ: The Social Assistive Robot CASTOR
  • ICSR21_CG: A Portrait of the Robot as a Communicative Medium: Using the DIY Blossom Robot for Accessible Embodied Telepresence
  • ICSR21_DL: Amigus: Have you ever feel lonely during your study time?
  • ICSR21_GW: TABAN 2: A Social Robot Designed for Interaction with Children with Dyslexia and a Complementary Virtual Reality Game
  • ICSR21_JH: GraviKart
  • ICSR21_KQ: Safe and Collaborative Robot for Healthcare
  • ICSR21_LZ: Apo: A Social Robot for Teaching Water and Energy Consumption Scheme to Children
  • ICSR21_OS: Robobrico, a novel modular concept to design a versatile robot with the support of users.
  • ICSR21_PW: ASHA: A Tele-operated robot nurse
  • ICSR21_SL: MUCOR: A Multiparty Conversation Based Robotic Interface to Evaluate Job Applicants
  • ICSR21_UZ: Can Non-Humanoid Social Robots Reduce Workload of Special Educators?
  • ICSR21_VA: Telerobotic Ultrasound System for Abdominal Imaging: Quick response to COVID-19 pandemic in India
  • ICSR21_VT: Flatcat. your next robot is a pet.
  • ICSR21_XC: MAPPO: The assistance pet for oncological children
  • ICSR21_XR: A Novel Autonomous Steam Mopping Robot – ‘Snail’ For Domestic Floor Cleaning and Disinfection