Important Notes on Time Zones:

All time points in the program are for the time zone UTC+8, where the official conference location lies. Please make appropriate adjustment for other time zones: UTC+9: Indonesia East, Japan; UTC+7: Indonesia West, Vietnam; UTC+5:30: India, Sri Lanka; UTC+4: United Arab Emirates; UTC+3: Saudi Arabia.


Day 1: Friday, 4 Dec 2020

Time: Friday, 4 Dec 2020, 10:00-10:30

KEYNOTE SPEECH 1 Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for Speech Technology
Time: Friday, 4 Dec 2020, 10:30-11:30
Speaker: Prof. Hemant A. Patil, DA-IICT, India
Chair: Dr. Minghui Dong

SESSION 1 Conversation and Others
Time: Friday, 4 Dec 2020, 11:45-13:15
Chair: Dr. Yanfeng Lu

P1-1 22 Detect Turn-takings in Subtitle Streams with Semantic Recall Transformer Encoder
Yuhai Liang and Qiang Zhou

P1-2 26 Leader Identification Using Multimodal Information in Multi-party Conversations
Tsukasa Shiota, Kouki Honda, Kazutaka Shimada and Takeshi Saitoh

P1-3 46 Speaker Identification and Its Application to Social Network Construction for Chinese Novels
Yuxiang Jia, Huayi Dou, Shuai Cao and Hongying Zan

P1-4 29 Enhancing Attention Models via Multi-head Collaboration
Huadong Wang and Mei Tu

P1-5 43 Grammatical Error Correction: More Data with More Context
Kevin Parnow, Zuchao Li and Hai Zhao

P1-6 35 Online Handwritten Mongolian Character Recognition using CMA-MOHR and Coordinate Processing
Fan Yang, Feilong Bao and Guanglai Gao

SESSION 2 Information Retrieval
Time: Friday, 4 Dec 2020, 14:30-16:00
Chair: Dr. Lay-Ki Soon

P2-1 6 Semantic-Based Query Expansion for Academic Expert Finding
Theresia V. Rampisela and Evi Yulianti

P2-2 17 Sentences Similarity Based on Deep Structured Semantic Model and Semantic Role Labeling
Qiaoli Zhou, zhiwen Jiang and Fengling Yang

P2-3 39 Improved Cross-Lingual Document Similarity Measurement
Udhan Isuranga, Janaka Sandaruwan, Udesh Athukorala and Gihan Dias

P2-4 68 Related Article Extraction Using Learning to Rank
Tsukasa Shiota, Kazutaka Shimada, Shinji Nogami and Shuhei Fukuyama

P2-5 88 Mongolian Questions Classification in the Law Domain
Guangyi Wang, Feilong Bao and Weihua Wang

P2-6 2 Comparative Analysis of Nine Arabic Stemmers on Microblog Information Retrieval
Amal Almazrua, Manal Almazrua and Hend Alkhalifa

SESSION 3 Syntax and Semantics Processing
Time: Friday, 4 Dec 2020, 16:15-18:00
Chair: Dr. Gan Keng Hoon

P3-1 8 Stylistic Syntactic Structure Extraction and Semantic Clustering for Different Registers
Haiyan Wu, Ying Liu and Qingfeng Wu

P3-2 13 Adjusting Indonesian Multiword Expression Annotation to the Penn Treebank Format
Jessica Naraiswari Arwidarasti, Ika Alfina and Adila Alfa Krisnadhi

P3-3 14 Feedforward Approach to Sequential Morphological Analysis in the Tagalog Language
Arian N. Yambao and Charibeth K. Cheng

P3-4 16 Aksara: An Indonesian Morphological Analyzer that Conforms to the UD v2 Annotation Guidelines
Muhammad Yudistira Hanifmuti and Ika Alfina

P3-5 49 A Burmese Dependency Parsing Method Based on Transfer Learning
Cunli Mao, Zhibo Man, Zhengtao Yu, Zhenhan Wang, Shengxiang Gao and Yafei Zhang

P3-6 51 Using Annotation Projection for Semantic Role Labelling of Low-Resourced Language: Sinhala
Sandun Gunasekara, Dulanjaya Chathura, Chamoda Jeewantha and Gihan Dias

P3-7 87 Selecting the UD v2 Morphological Features for Indonesian Dependency Treebank
Ika Alfina, Daniel Zeman, Arawinda Dinakaramani, Indra Budi and Heru Suhartanto


Day 2: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020

KEYNOTE SPEECH 2 Malay NLP: Current Trends, Challenges and Future Directions
Time: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020, 10:00-11:00
Speaker: Prof. Nazlia Omar, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia
Chair: Dr. Ian Tan

SESSION 4 Linguistics I: Language Learning and Others
Time: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020, 11:15-13:00
Chair: Dr. Mengbin Liu

P4-1 20 Production of L2 Mandarin Mono- and Di-syllabic Tones by Kazakh Learners of Different Levels
Zhuanzhuan Ji, Yanlu Xie and Jinsong Zhang

P4-2 50 Effect of Perceptual Training on the Production of English Tense-Lax Vowels by Native Chinese Speakers
Jian Gong, Zhenzhen Yang, William Bellamy, Feng Wang and Xiaoli Ji

P4-3 34 The Effect of Vowel Contexts on Voice Onset Time of Mandarin Word-Initial Stops
Dan Du and Jinsong Zhang

P4-4 84 Exploring Correlation Between Perception of Postvocalic Nasals and Production of Vowel Nasalization in English by Chinese Learners
Ran Meng, Ying Chen, Qimiao Zhou and Hongkun Fu

P4-5 54 Study on Semantic Transparency of Chinese Compounds Based on Word Embedding
Xuemei Tang and Shichen Liang

P4-6 69 What Affects the Word Order of Target Language in Simultaneous Interpretation
Zhongxi Cai, Koichiro Ryu and Shigeki Matsubara

P4-7 11 When Dialects Disappear: A Report of PPLRC in Henan Province
Lei Wang and Huibin Zhuang

SESSION 5 Language Understanding I
Time: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020, 14:30-16:00
Chair: Dr. Maulik Madhavi

P5-1 23 HisBERT for Conversational Reading Comprehension
Chuang Liu, Deyi Xiong, Yuxiang Jia, Hongying Zan and Changjian Hu

P5-2 30 Effective Strategies for Low-Resource Reading Comprehension
Yimin Jing and Deyi Xiong

P5-3 48 Building Chinese Word Knowledge Base for Children’s Leveled Reading
Zhiying Liu, Lijiao Yang, Jiaomei Zhou and Lu Zhang

P5-4 37 Colloquial Arabic Tweets: Collection, Automatic Annotation, and Classification
Yasmin Khalifa and Ashraf Elnagar

P5-5 57 Construction of a Descriptive Framework for Grammatical Attributes of Relational Mark of Korean Compound Sentence Based on Knowledge Representation
Yude Bi, Huijie Zhang and Yalin Dong

P5-6 67 Exploring Hybrid Linguistic Feature Sets to Measure Filipino Text Readability
Joseph Marvin Imperial and Ethel Ong

SESSION 6 Spoken Language Processing
Time: Saturday, 5 Dec 2020, 16:15-18:00
Chair: Dr. Lei Wang

P6-1 3 A Bilingual Speech Synthesis System of Standard Malay and Indonesian Based on HMM-DNN
Feng Chen, Jian Yang and Lixuan Zhao

P6-2 7 Detecting Mild Pathological Voice based on Multi-modality Features
Quanyi Wang, Feng Zou, Manwa L. Ng, Nan Yan and Lan Wang

P6-3 15 Transformer-based Arabic Dialect Identification
Wanqiu Lin, Maulik Madhavi, Rohan Kumar Das and Haizhou Li

P6-4 19 Agent/Client Speech Identification for Mixed-Channel Conversation in Customer Service Call Centers
Van Hai Do and Van Tuan Mai

P6-5 44 Prosodic Comparisons of Two Kinds of Contrastive Focus in Mandarin Speech
Jieqiong Luo, Yanlu Xie and Jinsong Zhang

P6-6 59 Gated Bilinear Networks for Vowel Formant Estimation
Wang Dai, Zheng Hua, Jinsong Zhang, Yanlu Xie and Binghuai Lin

P6-7 91 Self-speech Recognition in High Depression Inclination Individuals
Xiaoyong Lu, Daimin Shi, Yang Liu, Jingyi Yuan, Tao Pan and Yanqin Li


Day 3: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020

SESSION 7 Language Understanding II
Time: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020, 10:00-11:30
Chair: Dr. Nina Zhou

P7-1 5 An End-to-End Approach for Document-level Event Factuality Identification in Chinese
Xiaojia Li, Yun Zhang and Zhong Qian

P7-2 9 Multi-domain Language Understanding of Task-Oriented Dialogue Based on Intent Enhancement
Feng Yu, Dequan Zheng and Xiaotian Zhao

P7-3 52 Acquisition of Periodic Events with Person Attributes
Kohei Yamamoto and Kazutaka Shimada

P7-4 71 Sarcasm Detection Using Role Pairs: Bootstrapping Role Pairs and Weighting
Satoshi Hiai and Kazutaka Shimada

P7-5 21 IndoAbbr: A New Benchmark Dataset for Indonesian Abbreviation Identification
Shanshan Li, Nankai Lin, Lixian Xiao and Shengyi Jiang

P7-6 45 Chinese Chemical Named Entity Recognition Based on Morpheme
Guirong Wang, Bo Xia, Ye Xiao, Gaoqi Rao and Endong Xun

SESSION 8 Sentiment Classification
Time: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020, 11:45-13:15
Chair: Prof. Kazutaka Shimada

P8-1 25 Incorporating Multi-Type External Information for Document-Level Sentiment Classification
Pengyuan Liu and Chenghao Zhu

P8-2 61 Estimating Evaluation of Cosmetics Reviews with Machine Learning Methods
Qing Ma, Miran Tsukagoshi and Masaki Murata

P8-3 70 Joint Embedding of Words and Labels for Sentiment Classification
Yingwei Sheng and Inui Takashi

P8-4 79 Sentiment classification with syntactic relationship and attention for teaching evaluation texts
Lingling Mu, Yadi Li and Hongying Zan

P8-5 83 Exploiting Vietnamese Social Media Characteristics for Textual Emotion Recognition in Vietnamese
Khang Phuoc-Quy Nguyen and Kiet Van Nguyen

P8-6 31 Structurally Enhanced Interactive Attention Network for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification
Chunfeng Liang, Yumeng Fu and Chengguo Lv

SESSION 9 Machine Translation
Time: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020, 14:30-16:00
Chair: Prof. Norisma Idris

P9-1 32 Statistical Machine Translation Approach for Lexical Normalization on Indonesian Text
Ajmal Kurnia and Evi Yulianti

P9-2 47 Korean Neural Machine Translation Using Hierarchical Word Structure
Jeonghyeok Park and Hai Zhao

P9-3 75 Transfer Building of Multiword Expression Resource from Indonesian to Malay
Wuying Liu and Lin Wang

P9-4 86 English to Sinhala Neural Machine Translation
Thilakshi Fonseka, Rashmini Naranpanawa, Ravinga Perera and Uthayasanker Thayasivam

P9-5 89 Semi-Supervised Low-Resource Style Transfer of Indonesian Informal to Formal Language with Iterative Forward-Translation
Haryo Akbarianto Wibowo, Tatag Aziz Prawiro, Muhammad Ihsan, Alham Fikri Aji, Radityo Eko Prasojo and Rahmad Mahendra

P9-6 90 A Neural Machine Translation Approach for Translating Malay Parliament Hansard to English Text
Yu-Zane Low, Lay-Ki Soon and Shageenderan Sapai

SESSION 10 Linguistics II: Syntax
Time: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020, 16:15-17:45
Chair: Prof. Ying Chen

P10-1 4 The Intersubjectivity of the Sentence-Final Ba in Discourse
Minfeng Wang

P10-2 10 The Survey on the Distribution of MC Fei and Xiao Initial Groups in Chinese Dialects
Yan Li and Xiaochuan Song

P10-3 33 A Study on the Synergistic Relationship between Lexical Structure and Word Frequency, Polysemy and Synonymy in Modern Chinese
Xinpei Hong and Yuelong Wang

P10-4 36 Study for the Processing of the Chinese Verb-Noun Anomalous Collocations with Metaphors
Mengxiang Wang, Hongcheng Ma and Junjie Hong

P10-5 74 The Pragmatic Function and Syntactic Mechanism of the Co-occurrence of Two Negative Components
Hongcheng Ma

P10-6 76 The Syntactic Analysis of Unaccusative Verbs in Archaic Chinese
Mengbin Liu

Time: Sunday, 6 Dec 2020, 18:00-18:30