Accepted Papers

Long Papers

  • Generating Fillers based on Dialog Act Pairs for Smooth Turn-Taking by Humanoid Robot
    Ryosuke Nakanishi, Koji Inoue, Shizuka Nakamura, Katsuya Takanashi and Tatsuya Kawahara
  • Dialog State Tracking for Unseen Values using an Extended Attention Mechanism
    Takami Yoshida, Kenji Iwata, Hiroshi Fujimura and Masami Akamine
  • Multimodal Dialogue System Evaluation: a Case Study Applying Usability Standards
    Andrei Malchanau, Volha Petukhova and Harry Bunt
  • Toward Low-Cost Automated Evaluation Metrics for Internet of Things Dialogues
    Kallirroi Georgila, Carla Gordon, Hyungtak Choi, Jill Boberg, Heesik Jeon and David Traum
  • Enabling Spoken Dialogue Systems for Low-resourced Languages: End-to-end Dialect Recognition for North Sami
    Trung Ngo Trong, Kristiina Jokinen and Ville Hautamäki
  • Utilizing Argument Mining Techniques for Argumentative Dialogue Systems
    Niklas Rach, Saskia Langhammer, Wolfgang Minker and Stefan Ultes
  • Dialogue Act Classification in Reference Interview Using Convolutional Neural Network with Byte Pair Encoding
    Seiya Kawano, Koichiro Yoshino, Yu Suzuki and Satoshi Nakamura
  • Automated Lexical Analysis of Interviews with Schizophrenic Patients
    Shihao Xu, Zixu Yang, Debsubhra Chakraborty, Yasir Tahir, Tomasz Maszczyk, Victoria Chua Yi Han, Justin Dauwels, Daniel Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Bhing-Leet Tan and Jimmy Lee
  • Attention Based Joint Model with Negative Sampling for New Slot Values Recognition
    Mulan Hou, Xiaojie Wang, Caixia Yuan, Guohua Yang, Shuo Hu and Yuanyuan Shi
  • An End-to-End Goal-Oriented Dialog System with a Generative Natural Language Response Generation
    Stefan Constantin, Jan Niehues and Alex Waibel
  • Automatic Turn-Level Language Identification for Code-Switched Spanish-English Dialog
    Vikram Ramanarayanan, Robert Pugh, Yao Qian and David Suendermann-Oeft
  • Latent Character Model for Engagement Recognition Based on Multimodal Behaviors
    Koji Inoue, Divesh Lala, Katsuya Takanashi and Tatsuya Kawahara
  • “I think it might help if we multiply, and not add”: Detecting Indirectness in Conversation
    Pranav Goel, Yoichi Matsuyama, Michael Madaio and Justine Cassell

Short, Demo and Position Papers

  • Testing Strategies For Bridging Time-To-Content In Spoken Dialogue Systems
    Soledad López Gambino, Sina Zarrieß and David Schlangen
  • Impact of deception information on negotiation dialog
    The Tung Nguyen, Koichiro Yoshino, Sakti Sakriani and Satoshi Nakamura
  • Automated Classification of Classroom Climate by Audio Analysis
    Anusha James, Victoria Yi Han Chua, Tomasz Maszczyk, Justin Dauwels, Rebecca Bull, Kerry Lee and Ana Moreno-Núñez
  • Debate Dialog for News Question Answering System “NetTv”: Debate Based on Claim and Reason Estimation
    Rikito Marumoto, Katsuyuki Tanaka, Tetsuya Takiguchi and Yasuo Ariki
  • Estimating User Satisfaction Impact in Cities using Physical Reaction Sensing and Multimodal Dialogue System
    Yuki Matsuda, Dmitrii Fedotov, Yuta Takahashi, Yutaka Arakawa, Keiichi Yasumoto and Wolfgang Minker
  • Faster Responses are Better Responses: Introducing Incrementality into Sociable Virtual Personal Assistants
    Vivian Tsai, Timo Baumann, Florian Pecune and Justine Cassell
  • Detecticon: A Prototype Inquiry Dialog System (demo)
    Takuya Hiraoka, Shota Motoura and Kunihiko Sadamasa
  • Question-Answer Selection in User to User Marketplace Conversations (demo)
    Girish Kumar, Matthew Henderson, Hoang Nguyen, Shannon Chan and Lucas Ngoo
  • A Multimodal Dialogue Framework for Cloud-Based Companion Systems (demo)
    Matthias Kraus, Marvin Schiller, Gregor Behnke, Pascal Bercher, Susanne Biundo-Stephan, Birte Glimm and Wolfgang Minker
  • CityTalk: Robots that talk to tourists and can switch domains during the dialogue (demo)
    Graham Wilcock

EMPATHIC: Special Session on Empathic Dialog Systems for Elderly Assistance

  • Human-Robot Dialogues for Explaining Activities
    Kristiina Jokinen, Satoshi Nishimura, Kentaro Watanabe and Takuichi Nishimura
  • Virtual Dialogue Agent for Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle of the Elderly
    Risako Ono, Yuki Nishizeki and Masahiro Araki
  • An Spoken Dialog System for the Empathic Virtual Coach
    M. Inés Torres, Cornelius Glackin, Raquel Justo and Gérard Chollet
  • Stitching Together the Conversation: Considerations in the Design of Extended Talk
    Emer Gilmartin, Carl Vogel and Nick Campbell

HUMIC-DIAL: Special Session on Designing Humor in HCI with Focus on Dialogue Technology

  • Towards an Annotation Scheme for Causes of Laughter in Dialogue
    Vladislav Maraev and Christine Howes
  • Humor Intelligence for Virtual Agents
    Andreea Niculescu and Rafael Banchs

WOCHAT: Workshop on Chatbots and Conversational Agent Technologies

  • Automated Scoring of Chatbot Responses in Conversational Dialogue
    Steven Kester Yuwono, Biao Wu and Luis Fernando D’Haro
  • Improving the Performance of Chat-oriented Dialogue Systems via Dialogue Breakdown Detection
    Michimasa Inaba and Kenichi Takahasi
  • Learning Dialogue Strategies for Interview Dialogue Systems That Can Engage in Small Talk
    Tomoaki Nakamura, Takahiro Kobori and Mikio Nakano
  • Subjective Annotation and Evaluation of Three Different Chatbots WOCHAT: Shared Task Report
    Naomi Kong-Vega, Mo Wang, Mingxin Shen and Luis Fernando D’Haro
  • Chat Response Generation Based on Semantic Prediction Using Distributed Representations of Words
    Kazuaki Furumai, Tetsuya Takiguchi and Yasuo Ariki
  • Chatbol, a chatbot for the Spanish “La Liga”
    Carlos Segura Perales, Àlex Palau Domenech, Jordi Luque Serrano, Marta Ruiz Costa-Jussà and Rafael E. Banchs
  • Improving Taxonomy of Errors in Chat-oriented Dialogue Systems
    Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Masahiro Araki, Hiroshi Tsukahara and Masahiro Mizukami