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Penang is one of the famous islands in South-East Asia. It is renowned for its culture, food and heritage.This turtle shaped island offers miles of idyllic beaches with swaying palm trees, and soothing hill for those who seek refuge from the tropical heat. The capital of Penang, George Town is famous for its one of South East Asia’s largest collections of Pre-war buildings. In order to preserve the heritage of Penang, modern structures are built surrounding these pre-war buildings. These buildings are well protected to preserve the beauty of these structures. Penang was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Penang is a city full of different cultures. Along the heritage trail, you can see the Muslim mosque, Chinese temple, Indian temple and Christian church, which are just 5 minutes walk from each other.  Besides its beauty and history, you should never miss the delicious hawker foods that are offered around the clock. Penang offers you great food from prestigious restaurants to hawkers’ carts by the road side. The development of Penang has also turned Penang into a shopping paradise. You will be able to find things like handicraft, jewellery, clothes and many more at attractive prices.

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Local Host

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang (Link:

Established as the second university in Malaysia in 1969, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was first known as Universiti Pulau Pinang. It covers an area of 239.4 hectare at Minden, Penang, and approximately 9.7km from Georgetown. There are another two USM campuses, one at Kubang Kerian in Kelantan known as Health Campus and the other at Seri Ampangan in Penang, known as the Engineering Campus. To date, 24 Academic Schools, 14 Centres and 7 Units have been established. Of the Schools, 12 are applied science and technology-based Schools, for example School of Civil Engineering, the School of Aerospace Engineering, and the School of Chemical Engineering. There are five pure science school and three liberal arts schools. In 2008/2009, there are a total of 19,800 students in the main campus, 3,100 at the Health Campus and 3,184 at the Engineering Campus. Nearly six thousands of them are graduate students. In term of foreign students, there are 1,860. In the field of research, the emphasis is on function-oriented or interdisciplinary research. The focus is on areas that integrate academic interest and practical relevance, thus directing scientific thrusts towards breakthroughs in problem areas crucial to the quality of life and national development.

School of Computer Science, USM (Link :

The The School of Computer Sciences was established officially on the 1st of March 1995 after functioning for a period of 10 years as the Division of Computer Science, an independent and autonomous unit within the then School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences. The period had witnessed various advances, developments and achievements of Computer Science pertaining to academic programmes, research and development, consultancy, community services and others. The School of Computer Sciences will continue its efforts to strengthen its curricula and at the same time explore research areas that contribute significantly to the development of the nation.

Travelling to Penang

Arriving in Penang

When you first arrive in Penang International airport, there is a taxi booth located inside the building. They charge a standard fare, and you could hire a taxi there for about RM40 to Eastin, B-Suite, Vistana or Equatorial hotel.

Travelling around Penang

Public transport in Penang is not very convenient. Taxi is the more convenient type of transport in Penang to travel from one place to another. Most of the taxi in Penang do not use meter. Thus, before boarding a taxi, enquire about the fare first. Taxi stands are also not very common in Penang, so when you need a taxi, you could call the following numbers.

  • Georgetown Taxi: 04-2299467, 04-2617098
  • BJ Radio Taxi: 04-6430161, 012 572 6487
  • Taxi Drivers Association: 04-2625721
  • Sunshine Radio Taxi: 04-6425961
  • Jade Auto Company: 04-2263015
  • Bayview Taxi Stand:
  • Super Radio Taxi Service Center: 04-281-8766, 282-8753

Mobile Phone

You could purchase the local mobile phone (prepaid) SIM card in many places, especially in shopping malls. The mobile operators in Malaysia are Maxis, Digi, Celcom, U Mobile and YES. The card cost about RM20-RM30. Remember to bring along your passport for registration.


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