List of Accepted Papers

Research on The Uyghur Information Database For Information Processing
Yusup Ebeydulla, Hesenjan Abliz and Azragul Yusup

Theoretical Framework of Mongolian Word Segmentation Specification for Information Processing
laga Tong

A study of the classification and arrangement rule of Uygur morphemes for information Processing
Pu Li and Shuzhen Shi

A Simplified-Traditional Chinese Character Conversion Model Based on Log-Linear Models
Yidong Chen, Xiaodong Shi and Changle Zhou

Improving Chinese Dependency Parsing with Self-Disambugating Patterns
Likun Qiu, Lei Wu, Kai Zhao and Changjian Hu

Joint Decoding for Chinese Word Segmentation and POS Tagging Using Character-Based and Word-Based Discriminative Models
Xinxin Li, Xuan Wang and Lin Yao

Natural Language Grammar Induction of Indonesian Language Corpora Using Genetic Algorithm
Arya Tandy Hermawan, Gunawan Gunawan and Joan Santoso

Error-driven Adaptive Language Modeling for Chinese Pinyin-to-Character Conversion
Jin Huang and David Powers

Sentence Boundary Detection in Colloquial Arabic Text: A Preliminary Result
Afnan Al-Subaihin, Hend Al-Khalifa and AbdulMalik Al-Salman

On the Semantic Orientation and Computer Identification of the Chinese Adverb “Cai”
Lin He and Pengbing Chen

Exploring Both Flat and Structured Features for Number Type Identification of Chinese Personal Noun Phrases
Jun Lang

A Sentence-level Semantic annotated Corpus Based on HNC Theory
Zhiying Liu

Extracting Pseudo-labeled Samples for Sentiment Classification using Emotion Keywords
Sophia Yat Mei Lee, Daming Dai, Shoushan Li and Kathleen Ahrens

Imbalanced Sentiment Classification with Multi-Strategy Ensemble Learning
Zhongqing Wang, Shoushan Li, Guodong Zhou, Peifeng Li and Qiaoming Zhu

WordNet Editor to Refine Indonesian Language Lexical Database
Gunawan Gunawan, Jessica Felani Wijoyo, I Ketut Eddy Purnama and Mochamad Hariadi

Two Ontological Approaches to Building an Intergrated Semantic Network for Yami ka-Verbs
Meng-Chien Yang, S-W Huang and D. Victoria Rau

Issues with the Unergative/Unaccusative Classification of the Intransitive Verbs
Nitesh Surtani, Khushboo Jha and Soma Paul

An Exploration on the Modes of Word Meaning Extension Based on Metaphorical and Metonymic Mechanisms
Xiaofang Ouyang

Formalization and Rules for Recognition of Satirical Irony
Lingpeng Kong and Likun Qiu

Linguistic Competency Model for Intentional Agent
Siva Kumar

Coreference Resolution in Vietnamese Documents Based on Support Vector Machines
Duc-Trong Le, Mai-Vu Tran, Tri-Thanh Nguyen and Quang-Thuy Ha

The Context Imperative Sentences of Modern Chinese
Hao Zhao and Kaihong yang

Research on Cross-document Coreference of Chinese Person Name
Ji Ni, Fang Kong, Peifeng Li and Qiaoming Zhu

Research of Event Pronoun Resolution
Ning Zhang, Fang Kong, Peifeng Li and Qiaoming Zhu

Research of Noun Phrases Coreference Resolution
Junwei Gao, Fang Kong, Peifeng Li and Qiaoming Zhu

Discourse Structures of English exposition
Donghong Liu

Search Results Clustering Based on a Linear Weighting Method of Similarity
Dequan Zheng

A Query Reformulation Model Using Markov Graphic Method
Jiali Zuo

The Comparison of Chinese Spam Filter Based on Generative Model and Discriminative Model
Huafu Ding, Yingying Wang and Haoliang Qi

Applying Grapheme, Word, and Syllable Information for Language Identification in Code Switching Sentences
Yeong Yin-Lai and Tan Tien-Ping

An Integrated Approach Using Conditional Random Fields for Named Entity Recognition and Person Property Extraction in Vietnamese Text
Hoang-Quynh Le, Mai-Vu Tran, Nhat-Nam Bui, Nguyen-Cuong Phan and Quang-Thuy Ha

Graph-based Text Representation Model and its Realization
Faguo Zhou

Centroid Integer Selection Model –A high efficiency method on Dynamic Multi-Document Summarization
Mei-Ling LIU, De-Quan ZHENG, Tie-Jun ZHAO and Hong-e REN

Research on Multi-Document Summarization Model Based on Dynamic Manifold-Ranking
Mei-Ling LIU, De-Quan ZHENG, Tie-Jun ZHAO and Yang YU

Corpus based Extractive Document Summarization for Indic Script
P.Vijayapal Reddy, B.Vishnu Vardhan and A. Govardhan

An Automatic Linguistics Approach for Persian Document Summarization
Hossein Kamyar, Mohsen Kahani, Mohsen Kamyar and Asef Poormasoomi

Context-based Persian multi-document summarization (global view)
Asef Poormasoomi, Mohsen Kahani, Saeed Varasteh and Hossein Kamyar

Optimal Translation Boundaries for BTG-Based Decoding
Xiangyu Duan and Min Zhang

Mining Parallel Data from Comparable Corpora via Triangulation
Thi Ngoc Diep Do, Eric Castelli and Laurent Besacier

Research of Element Sub-sentence in Chinese-English Patent Machine Translation
Zhiying Liu and Yaohong Jin

An Orientation Model for Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
Xinyan Xiao, Jinsong Su, Yang Liu, Qun Liu and Shouxun Lin

Improving Bilingual Lexicon Construction from Chinese-English Comparable Corpora via Dependency Relationship Mapping
Hua Xu, Dandan Liu, Longhua Qian and Guodong Zhou

A Rule-based Source-side Reordering on Phrase Structure Subtrees
Fangli Liang, Lei Chen and Miao Li

Automatic Acquisition of Chinese-Tibetan Multi-Word Equivalent Pair from Bilingual Corpora
Minghua Nuo, Huidan Liu, Longlong Ma, Jian Wu and Zhiming Ding

Character-level System Combination: an empirical study for English-to-Chinese Spoken Language Translation
Jinhua Du

Using Rich Linguistic and Contextual Information for Tree-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Hung Thanh Bui, Minh Le Nguyen and Akira Shimazu

Lexical word similarity for re-ranking in Vietnamese-English named entity back transliteration
Le Thi Hoang Diem and Aw Ai Ti

The Chinese-English Bilingual Sentence Alignment Based on Length
Huafu Ding, Lili Quan and Haoliang Qi

Analyzing the Relationship between Formants and Pitch for Singing Voice
Hwee Teng Tan and MInghui Dong

Linear Regression for Prosody Prediction via Convex Optimization
Ling Cen, Minghui Dong and Paul Chan

A Study on Eye Movement of Thai students reading Chinese texts with or Without Marks for Word Boundaries

An In-car Chinese Noise Corpus for Speech Recognition
Jue Hou, Yi Liu, Chao Zhang and Shilei Huang

Acoustic Space in Motor Disorders of Speech: Two Case Studies
Prof. Vaishna Narang, Deepshikha Misra and Garima Dalal

Sheng Li, Lan Wang and En Qi

Adopting Malay Syllable Structure for Syllable Based Speech Synthesizer for Iban and Bidayuh languages
Sarah F. S. Juan, Vyonne Edwin, Chai Yeen Cheong, Jun Choi Lee and Alvin W. Yeo

How Vietnamese attitudes can be recognized and confused: Cross-cultural perception and prosodic analysis
Dang-Khoa Mac, Eric Castelli, Véronique Aubergé and Albert Rilliard

Non-Native Accent Pronunciation Modeling in Automatic Speech Recognition
Basem H. A. Ahmed and Tien Ping Tan

An Experimental Study on Vietnamese Speech Synthesis
Liping Kui, Jian Yang, Bin He and Enxing Hu

Development of Acoustic Space in children 2-5 years of age: A pilot study on 5 Hindi speaking children
Vaishna Narang, Garima Dalal and Deepshikha Misra

Prakhar Kant Jain, Robin Jain, Hemant A. Patil and Tapan Kumar Basu

Building a Rule-based Malay Text Segmentation Tool
Bali Ranaivo-Malançon

An Optimum Text Selection Method to Develop Bengali Speech Corpus for Bengali Phone Recognition System
Sandipan Mandal

Using HTML Tags to Improve Parallel Resources Extraction
Yanhui Feng, Yu Hong, Wei Tang, Jianmin Yao and Qiaoming Zhu

Automatic Labeling and Phonetic Assessment for an Unknown Asian Language: the case of the “Mo Piu” North Vietnamese Minority (early results)
Geneviève CAELEN-HAUMONT, Eric CASTELLI and Sethserey SAM

Automatic Construction of Chinese-Mongolian Parallel Corpora from the Web Based on the New Heuristic Information
zede zhu, miao li and jian zhang

Polarity Shifting: Corpus Construction and Analysis
Xiaoqian Zhang, Shoushan Li and Guodong Zhou

The effect of Arabic Language on Reading English for Arab EFL learners: An Eye Tracking Study
Kholod Al-Khalifa and Hend Al-Khalifa

Games for Academic Vocabulary Learning in a Virtual Environment
Kiran Pala and Anil Kumar Singh

BASRAH: Arabic Verses Meters Identification System
Zainab Ali Khalaf, Maytham A. Alabbas and Tan Tien Ping


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